Before the Debate: Slavery (as viewed by crazy people…)
By: Barry Belmont

The word “slavery” is one which should never be thrown about carelessly. It signifies one of the worst possible institutions that could possibly exist between human beings. Being a slave literally means “being the property” of another human being, the same way a chair or a desk can be. A slave has the same “rights” as any other piece of property a person owns, giving rise to a truly brutal form of interaction between people (remember, you can smash a chair to bits and set a desk ablaze).

That’s why we will take great care in our next meeting not to be as carelessly callous as these two (middle-aged, middle-class, white, American) men in equating “slavery” to earning a wage (so called “wage slavery”).

The top comment to this video is “When the economic system comes to a halt, hands will still be able to dig, plant seeds, and draw water. The best thing that could happen to the World is the end of the monetary system, and a return to community living.” …which makes me go:

…where we get to see the stunning incorrect Noam Chomsky prattle on about how “libertarianism” really doesn’t mean free markets and less government, about how anarchy simply means “no use of power” not “no government” (shades of a Thorn), and tops it all off by saying that working for a living is comparable (in soul deadening terms) to the world-wide shame of slavery.

It really is remarkable how blissfully oblivious such intelligent people can be when they are stupefyingly wrong.

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