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Vaccinations: Part 3 of Several
By: Barry Belmont

Parents of children are those adults whom have homesteaded the rights of raising that child. While what these rights (to raise) entail is genuinely open to discussion and revision, what is known with as much certainty as anything could ever hope to have is that parents must earn these rights. They do this by fulfilling [...]

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Vaccinations: Part 2 of Several
By: Barry Belmont

Just so we’re all on relatively the same page, I cede a portion of my time to the good Misters Penn & Teller: A few assumptions I’ll be making along the way: We live in a fairly modern society where the availability and price of (the relevant) vaccines are comparable to other products we expect [...]

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Vaccinations: Part 1 of Several
By: Barry Belmont

So, being an avid follower of the Skeptic’s movement for a good portion of my life, I have been bombarded with refutations of “anti-vaxers” for the past several years. For some reason, I have tried to pay it little mind, usually placating myself with “Well, it’s just a parent’s decision to raise their child” much [...]

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