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Atlas Shrugged Pt. 1: UNR SFL’s Going to See it
By: UNR Student For Liberty

A few people have wondered whether the UNR SFL were going to see Atlas Shrugged in theaters. The answer is yes and the date is set for tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 am (because we’re [sorry film makers] cheap libertarians trying to get the most bang for our buck). So come join a few of your [...]

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For those who enjoy Ayn Rand…and are crazy
By: Barry Belmont

Some guy made the world’s largest bit of graffiti, using his car, his GPS tracking, and his immense amount of free time.

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Money: The Root of All…Good?
By: Barry Belmont

Ayn Rand was definitely spot on when it came to capitalism. This lengthy quote/article comes from Atlas Shrugged and extols the virtue of money. It’s very powerfully said, very succinct, and very worth reading. Please do enjoy. “So you think that money is the root of all evil?” said Francisco d’Anconia. “Have you ever asked [...]

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