ABOLISH ASUN: International Event of the Year
By: UNR Student For Liberty

The Students for Liberty has named our original Abolish ASUN Festival its Event of the Year at its recent International Conference. This is an amazing honor and we will be sure to bring you more news, stories, and videos about how the whole conference went down in the coming week, but suffice it to say for now: we’re awesome, they’re awesome, liberty’s great, and the world’s getting better.

We want to thank everyone who helped make it happen (you know who you are [ahem, Abby]) as well as all of those who voted for us to win. It is important to note, however, that there were many great groups and events this year that helped spread The Good Word to more people than ever before, and they all deserve a great deal of admiration.

So again, thank you Big Papa Students for Liberty, all the groups in attendance, and especially all the governmental institutions that make it childishly easy to ruthlessly tear apart with sound arguments, logical conclusions, and mountains upon mountains of their own ineptitude.

(We're in the very back row to the right standing on our chairs)

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