SFL Secures Nearly Four Grand to Abolish ASUN… Courtesy of ASUN
By: John Russell

Tune in to nearly 7 minutes of awkward silence as the commission ultimately decides to sponsor our Abolish ASUN festival. Some items of interest include: ponies, horses, bounce houses, a mechanical bull, JCSU staff, pizza oh my! Oh, and who can forget the 13 foot banner which will read: ABOLISH ASUN FESTIVAL (Sponsored by ASUN)? Be sure to catch this event on the TV screens around campus in the weeks to come as we were mandated to use Inkblot (the official ASUN event publicists)! Enjoy!

(Note: apparently the beginning part of the request was not captured where Barry Belmont (President ’08 - ’09) and Mary Hunton (President - current) described to the commission why we wanted to abolish them :/ … it is still funny nonetheless)

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  • bobbelmont

    You all are my heroes. Amazing, entertaining and sad. I love it. This is one of the best things I have EVER seen. Great job SFL, Mary and Barry. Keep it up!

  • Daniel Clark

    What's awesome is that you will be showcasing all the awesome things that can be done with ASUN. I'm quite certain your message will get lost. Either way. Ponies!

  • Shawn Pugh

    Wow!!! as a former commissioner myself, it is truly disappointing! Commissioners have all the requests to read in advance, they at the very least could have read the requests prior to the meeting rather than just sit there silently!

  • Correction

    Though I think this is funny and agree with your premise, $3,094 is not “nearly four grand” it's actually “just over three grand”. But again, I like what you've done.

  • Correction

    Let me just say, that I agree with your premise of this specific action. I should have been more specific.

  • http://unrforliberty.com/ John Russell

    Yes, that was my error, I lumped together our entire funding request (which included things outside of our Tier 1 request) which pushed it to nearly 4k.

  • Anarchocapitalist

    SfL needs to take a great deal more care in delivering this message. While the wisdom of the event is understood by the chior, you have to remember that these events are to inform those dubious to Austrian principles.

    People simply do not understand that the message :

    1. ASUN is inescapably subject to waste.
    2. No policy may avert this, as waste is subjective to individuals.
    3. ASUN must therefore be abolished as differences cannot be reconciled.
    4. ALL ASSOCIATED FEES ONCE ATTACHED TO THE ASUN must thereby be revoked.
    5. Reduced fees allows people to retain their money, which can then be used to start up a club-or not.

    SfL need to be much more vocal about the base message against coersion, and how the free market delivers the fairest and most efficient solution. Peter does not have to rob Paul so that Peter can have his club. This concept has become foreign today, especially among our peer/age group. Explain the underlying message as thuroughly as possible; otherwise, people will hate you for this.

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