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Ron Paul’s Coming To Reno
By: Barry Belmont
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Ron Paul on “The Mosque”
By: Barry Belmont

I’ve hated the debate about the “Ground Zero Mosque” for the three or so weeks it’s been in the public sphere of discourse. Everyone’s kind of got an opinion, kind of doesn’t: it seems like half of those who comment on it are not entirely sure what they’re talking about, while the other half is [...]

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Ron Paul’s HR 1207 Gains Majority Sponsorship!
By: John Russell

Just moments ago, Ron Paul’s congressional office posted a press release stating that HR 1207 has received its 218th cosponsor - which is the critical number needed to force a vote on the floor.  In fact, the list has grown up to 222 representatives.  This is quite exciting to finally begin the process of dismantling [...]

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