Spring 2011 Events Announced!
By: John Russell

The UNR Students for Liberty have been busy coming up with yet another fantastic lineup of discussions, events, and even some surprise experiments this semester.  If you find a topic or event that interests you, come and join us as we discuss them every other Thursday at 6:00PM in the JCSU.

Discussion: “Islamophobia”
Is Islam dangerous?  Is it used to advance political means? Can it be both?  Let’s hear it!
Thursday, February 10th - 6PM - JCSU 320

Event: “ABOLISH ASUN 2 - Come and Get Your Fees Back”
$4,000 …. absolutely wasted.
Tuesday, February 15th - Hilliard Plaza - All Day Long

Conference: “International Students for Liberty Conference”
Nominated for Event of the Year
Thursday, Feb. 17 - Sunday, Feb. 20 - Washington DC

Discussion: “Intellectual Property - Resolved”
A topic of hot debate within the club and abroad - is it necessary for innovation or damaging to creativity? Can somebody legitimately own an idea that is exclusively granted to them for their own use? Can someone own something that doesn’t exist? We will be showing clips from The Social Network to guide discussion.
Thursday, February 24th - 6PM - JCSU 320

Discussion: “The WikiWorld - Information Privacy and the State”
Is there such a thing as state secrets and can/should they be enforced?  Should we even be an official mirror of Wikileaks?
Thursday, March 3rd - 6PM - JCSU 320

Discussion: “Human Life”
Abortion, life support, healthcare, brain death, organ donation, organ markets, and the taboos of cannibalism and necrophilia are all varying topics regarding the sanctity of human life.  Where did such an idea come from?  What are the implications?
Thursday, March 31st - 6PM - JCSU 320

Discussion: “Private Slavery vs Public Slavery”
The private ownership of people was not only abolished but is nearly universally viewed to be wrong on all accounts. But what about the public ownership of people? Jurors, tax payers, debtors, and prisoners will we be related to this campus discussion.
Thursday, April 14th - 6PM - JCSU 320

Discussion: “Pseudoscience”
We’ve all heard about this, but is there something wrong with it? Why or why not?
Thursday, April 28th - 6PM - JCSU 320

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