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A Policeman’s Duty
By: Barry Belmont

“It is a policeman’s duty to protect men from criminals—criminals being those who seize wealth by force. It is a policeman’s duty to retrieve stolen property and return it to its owners. But when robbery becomes the purpose of the law, and the policeman’s duty becomes, not the protection, but the plunder of property—then it [...]

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Leaders with ‘Biblical Worldviews’
By: Barry Belmont

Former Governor-turned-political-commentator Mike Huckabee is a man of whom I am not a fan. And it is not just him personally, but everyone he represents: the new conservative Christian Right. The kind of people who want to see In God We Trust on every public building. The kind of people who want to have the [...]

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How Copyright Laws, a Judge, and a Bad Decision Have Crippled the World
By: Barry Belmont

Today, Judge Denny Chin ruled against Google‘s plans to make available some 12 million books in a digital library that could be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. “While the digitisation of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many,” Chin wrote in his decision, Google “simply go[es] too far, [...]

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SFL VS ASUN - Smoke-a-thon - Round 2
By: John Russell

UNR SFL tries once again to host a fundraiser for the American Lung Association but gets denied because tobacco is immoral (but, you know, getting $3200 worth of catering right before this request is totally legit).

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A Bicycle Tax?
By: Barry Belmont

I know most of us libertarians aren’t much for riding bicycles (I’m looking at you John in your giant ManTruck), but as always, that ambivalence is trumped by a distinct loathing for unnecessary taxes. Introducing, The Bicycle Tax. An Assemblyperson in New Jersey by the name of Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex) introduced legislation a little over [...]

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Wouldn’t it be absurd?
By: Barry Belmont

…to say that because the treatment of women (and their right to wear pants) within a society is wholly determined by the subjectivity of the members of that society that we can’t say there is anything wrong with this? Clearly we can say this is wrong. Lock, stock, and barrel. It’s time to stop pretending [...]

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Drug Legalization: Case Study
By: Keegan Idler

There is a lot of argument on the necessity of the drug war. The benefits would be revenue gained from taxation, less drug dealers and less drug war associated crime, less money spent on fighting the drug war (police, jails, customs, etc.), easier access to treatment, and of course freedom. The harmful effects are less [...]

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Proposition 8 Struck Down
By: Barry Belmont

Take that bigots of the world. And that people-who-think-you-can-vote-away-other-people’s-rights. Go get those criminals…oh wait…that’s if I saw them two days ago… Silly me, I thought rights (you know, like the basic fundamental cogs that turn with every action such as voluntary interaction) were now and forever…

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Why Don’t the Rich Kill?
By: Barry Belmont

By this I mean the down and dirty version, namely, why is there currently a distinct correlation between income level and and homicide? My originally, off-the-top-of-my-head answer was that there were simply less rich people than there the-not-so-rich and hence of course we would tend to see more of the not-so-rich getting themselves into homicidal [...]

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When Governments Fail: The Right to Die
By: Barry Belmont

A French high court has just decided that a 52 year-old disfigured woman (seen at right) who has suffered unimaginable physical and psychological pain due to a rare disease is not allowed to have her qualified (and willing) doctor administer a lethal dose of drugs to end her suffering and kill her. Law should exist only insofar as it [...]

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