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Our First Political Cartoon
By: Barry Belmont

The Nevada Sagebrush has done us the honor of parodying our parody and taking the caricatures, the issues of black and white, and absurdity to another level entirely. In a word: awesome. “What do you mean we’re not getting ASUN club funding?

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Love us or hate us, you can’t say we aren’t trying
By: Mary Hunton

There has been a bit of an uproar concerning our latest shenanigan. If I thought the Abolish ASUN festival was getting us enough attention as it was, making our Abolish ASUN petition public to the wonderful world of the internet was the icing on top of the cake. By announcing the festival we got a [...]

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Diversity as Viewed by a Sample of UNR
By: Barry Belmont

This is not a joke. Try, as an academic exercise, to see why we think diversity initiatives are both counterproductive and a contemporary form of racism/xenophobia/prejudice of all kind. It tries to teach that You + I > Them for our “enlightened” thinking. This is straight from the Sagebrush whose recent issue we will probably [...]

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The UNR Students for Liberty get an article in the Sagebrush
By: Barry Belmont

About two weeks ago the local paper The Nevada Sagebrush had an article criticizing my Anarcho-Capitalism lecture entitled “Libertarianism: Rearing its Ugly Head with Faith in ‘Free Market.’” Figuring this deserved a response, I wrote one and it was published in the Sagebrush. It can be read at the above link as well as below. [...]

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So, we were in the paper…
By: Barry Belmont

I almost forgot to mention it, but we (The UNR Students for Liberty) were in the Nevada Sagebrush last week. You probably won’t be able to get yourself a hard copy unless you come to us (we cut out enough to keep all our mothers happy), but the story can be read online. This reporter [...]

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