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By: John Russell

… 23 hours in solitary confinement. … not being allowed to exercise. … anti-depressant medication being forcefully administered. … carpet burns from the heavy blankets. … no pillows or personal belongings. … stripping to your underwear before bed … not being allowed to have a blanket over your head. … a light on in the [...]

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Campus Discussion - Jack Bauer
By: Travis Hagen

During our first ever Campus Discussion we will be discussing Jack Bauer. Is he a patriot… or terrorist?  Are the actions Jack Bauer takes in Fox’s 24 justified?  To what extent should law and order be disregarded if the ends justify the means? Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:00PM - 8:30PM JCSU Room 423

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NY Police May Now Taser Suspects in Order to Collect DNA Evidence
By: John Russell

It is now legal for the police in New York to “drive stun” suspects with a taser in order to collect DNA evidence from them. A judgment issued by the New York Supreme Court Judge Sara Sperrazza ruled that the police in Niarga Falls who shocked Ryan Smith into compliance to gather a DNA sample [...]

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