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But but… I thought the world loves us now!??
By: John Russell

Correction: This video below, as shown, makes it appear that Obama is getting snubbed, what’s actually happening is he’s introducing people to the Russian President. No refusal of handshakes take place. An easy mistake to be made given to brief scope of the video and our mistake. …but we maintain it is still funny out [...]

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By: John Russell

As a response to the presidential election between Obama and McCain, we as a club illustrated the stark similarities between the two candidates. As a result, the club distributed one of our best Liberty Reports – “McCain = Obama”. Within that issue along with many other items, we discovered that Obama is just as much [...]

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Don’t Vote: The Irrationalities of the Election and the Cult of the Vote
By: Barry Belmont

When our voice is reduced to a single button push, when who we are as a person with hopes and dreams and aspirations can be demeaned to the point of absurdity with such statements as “the only way to be heard is to vote,” when noses are looked down and idols are held up at [...]

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