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How Copyright Laws, a Judge, and a Bad Decision Have Crippled the World
By: Barry Belmont

Today, Judge Denny Chin ruled against Google‘s plans to make available some 12 million books in a digital library that could be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. “While the digitisation of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many,” Chin wrote in his decision, Google “simply go[es] too far, [...]

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Intellectual Property, Insomnia, and Lulz
By: Barry Belmont

What happens when you combine eclectic, off-the-wall musical tastes, a healthy sense of mockery for intellectual property, and an unceasing bout of insomnia? Well…a post like this. Some of you may recall from our (three?) intellectual property meetings that things can get awful tricky when trying to parse out copying ideas, borrowing themes, being influenced, [...]

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Before the Debate - Intellectual Property 1
By: Barry Belmont

This Thursday will likely prove to be another rousing debate amongst ‘promoters’ and leave-aloners of free market capitalism. Arguably one of the most contentious issues throughout all of libertarian philosophy, namely intellectual property rights, will be discussed at length with a focus on the central issue: is there a net benefit or loss associated with [...]

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Fashion and Intellectual Property Rights
By: Barry Belmont

Gotta love the TEDTalks. Here is Johanna Blakely showing the beauty of an open field of productivity and its effects on creativity. She shows how the absence of intellectual property boosts the abilities and success of the fashion industry in this excellent video. Who knew libertarianism could look so good?

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Property: A Prelude
By: Barry Belmont

It seems that we so-called libertarians have a few questions we need to answer. One of the biggest dilemmas highlighted at our previous meeting, Intellectual Property Rights, was apparently how to define “property” and how “intellectual property” is akin to this “property.” A rather sad minority of us really grasped what property should mean. In [...]

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Campus Discussion – Intellectual Property Rights
By: Travis Hagen

Meeting: Intellectual Property Rights – Here we go again. We are revisiting one of our most divisive meetings to date and determining, once and for all, whether copyrights and patents are justifiable/necessary within a libertarian society. How is a modern society to deal with the exclusivity of information? We hope to find out. Where: JCSU 317 [...]

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