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Campus Discussion - Capital Punishment
By: Travis Hagen

For our second Campus Discussion we will be discussing capital punishment. Is it ever okay to kill a human being? Should taxes be used to put people to death, even though many of those taxed are morally opposed to such actions? We’re going to make an effort to keep this one on topic, focused, and [...]

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Government, GTFO of Gambling
By: Travis Hagen

Is it just me, or is there no good reason to make gambling illegal? At least drugs have physical addictions and prostitution can spread disease. There are cons to those actions, reasons not to allow such things, but gambling? As far as I can see, gambling is no more addictive than stealing bubble gum from [...]

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Government is the Problem not the Solution
By: Barry Belmont

I have an inordinate respect for many scientists. I have read literally hundreds of books on science and it never ceases to amaze me the brilliant insights many scientists (or scientific journalists/writers) illuminate. One particularly interesting book I read recently was The Origin of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation by Matt Ridley. I had [...]

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The Red Should Probably be A LOT Bigger
By: Barry Belmont

UNR Students for Liberty -

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“Poor”nography and the Cycles of Government
By: Barry Belmont

So it seems that yet another industry is asking for a bailout.  The porn industry as represented by Larry Flynt and Joe Francis (of Hustler magazine and those Girls Gone Wild DVDS respectively) plan to ask for assistance from congress to help the adult film industry in these hard-erm, difficult-economic times. ”With all this economic misery,” [...]

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Why I Am Thankful For Wasteful Government
By: Barry Belmont

Government, by its nature, must seek to expand itself. A government must give reasons for its existence, it must point to problems that it wishes to solve. In so far as many problems now facing us have their origins with government intervention, we can see truly that this is a wonderful time to live in.As [...]

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