Wanna Learn to Make Botulinum Toxin Kids?!
By: Barry Belmont

Well, thanks to the freedom of speech, the internet, and a guy with both, you can learn how to make some of the deadliest creations in all of human history.

To put this in some kind of perspective, it is speculated that a few grams of this stuff could kill hundreds of thousands of people, in essence, leveling cities. The death toll and hysteria involved in the release of this stuff within a city would be massive and the effects catastrophic. And really all it would take is one super crazy person with a super crazy agenda and the ability to Google the phrases “Uncle Fester” and “Silent Death” (or they could simply read our blog and find a link to it right over —-> here).

To put it in another kind of perspective, realize that no one has ever done this. I know, I know, that’s not a really persuasive argument, but consider also the vast number of opportunities people have nearly every minute of every day to harm one another juxtaposed to the vast number of instances they don’t. I’m not saying this is because people are morally upstanding nor because they have any real desire to help others, rather it is evidence in favor of the position that people are on the whole completely indifferent to others. No one cares enough about most people to hate them. To be actively malice requires a level of connection with others which is nearly impossible for most people most of the time in most situations.

The hatred that is required to sustain someone while they work at cooking up their bacterias and viruses and plagues is inconceivable to most people in general. And this is because we just don’t care about one another enough to hate others. Sure, that waitress might have been a bitch, but she wasn’t so bad that I want poison her.

So keep this fact of the human condition ever before your mind when discussing issues with anyone: the sheer indifference of most people to most other people is ultimately what protects us from them and them from us. And conversely, it’s when they start to care about us too much (beyond that certain limit of ambivalence) and when we start to care about them too much that we ultimately run into problems.

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  • concerned

    “Thou shalt not kill” is a fundamental human quality, from one end of the earth to the other, independent of one’s religion. The same reason humans don’t create toxins (etc.) or “a few grams of this stuff [that] could kill hundreds of thousands of people, in essence, leveling cities,” holds true for those in position of automatic weaponry and choose (and haven chosen for decades) not to wipe out a few dozen people on a given morning: (except for the sociopathic few) we’re just not that into killing each other. We value life just enough such that there is literally no record of individual’s killing on the colossal level you imply. Serial killers yes. Government-sponsored extermination: repeated throughout history, but not the typical individual.

    Another note: remember that the deadliness of your proscribed ‘city-killer’ is entirely dependent upon the dispersal system. Unless personally wealthy, and supported by multiple brutish people that don’t know what they’re really doing, I don’t see the scenario you’re talking about. The trouble with germ warfare is that it could seriously bite an organization in the buttocks as well….

  • youknow!

    It’s all over on December of 2012. So why even try?

  • youknow!again!

    OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!! O…M…GGGGGoooooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annedegeus

    Mc Donalds kills more people every year then all the toxines together and nobody does anything against it

  • Jack 1

    You didnt trll us how to make Botulinum toxin. Why not.

  • Jack 1

    Just noticed the spelling mistake

  • see ya

    i going to make some for me

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