How to Unregister to Vote - Nobody '08 Aftermath
By: John Russell

The fruits of our labor during the Nobody ’08 unregisteration drive have finally come to fruition. As many of you already know, in response to the disinformation and irrationalities of the cult of the vote, the UNR Students for Liberty launched the Nobody ’08 campaign where we set up a table right next to the Obamabot table and unregistered people who were willing.

As of this week, the grinding gears of bureaucracy in the Nevada Registrar of Voters have finally produced the letter with what we were seeking: a confirmation of unregistration. My roommate participated in the drive, and as of last week, received this letter:

If you would also like to unregister to vote, follow these steps:
1) Write a personal letter justifying why you should not vote. We had participants sign this:
Dear [county election officer]

I am a registered voter of Nevada who would like to rectify that. First, let me say that I take my duties and responsibilities as a citizen seriously and want to do what is best for my community as well as me. With that said, I believe that the responsible thing to do is to have my name removed as a registered voter. I do not have the time, interest nor ability to stay appraised of the candidates and issues that I will have to vote on. I feel removing my ability to vote will be more effective in accomplishing this than placing the onus on myself to just not vote. Most likely the temptation to vote that will be instilled in me by MTV and various commercials over the coming months will be too much for me, and I will end up casting a vote on a issues and candidates that I am, at best, totally ignorant of.

I know that I can’t count on myself to just not vote and would instead like to prevent myself from ignorantly voting by removing my name as a registered voter.
So, in short of committing a felony, can you please unregister me to vote?

Thank you for your assistance,
[Name here]
2) Include with the letter a half sheet detailing all your information:
Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
Voter Registered Address
Current Political Affiliation

3) Send these two documents to your county registrar of voters office.

4) Wait approximately 4-6 months for the government to process your request. Voila!
As a final word of advice, do NOT pass the time waiting for the letter of confirmation by placing a sad face inside an Obamabot’s chalking creation without serious ramifications and warnings from about 10 separate departments on any given university.

Example of a mortal sin
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8 Comments Posted in Uncategorized
  • DavidGaffaney

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  • DavidGaffaney

    Blackout Blinds give the best total blind date uncensoreddarkness for both night and day. Perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights. Just right to ensure the kids get that deep sleep they need.

  • Keeban3

    NO! Go vote. Yeah your vote doesn’t make that big of a difference, but it does make some difference. Its all about cost/benefit. How much effort does it take to vote? Almost nothing.

    So go vote. Especially this time around when the candidates are drastically different. Plus you can vote down all those voter initiatives. On top of which, we all know that incumbency rates are embarrassingly high. Go vote them out.

    Politicians are Pavlovian monkeys (yes I know he used dogs, but monkeys are more easily trainable). They will do what rewards them, and if more freedom-loving people came out, they would learn to love freedom.

    • Barry Belmont

      Oh Keegy-o-weegy. Based on your first paragraph alone we SHOULDN’T go out and vote. Actually tack out the numbers.

      The costs of voting: walking/driving/biking to a voting place (both time and literal energy exerted), each of which have real economic costs involved (for instance, driving requires a car, insurance, gas, etc); precious brain space devoted to names of people you’ve probably never met; the uncertainties involved in making the right decision; most importantly THE COST OF RESPONSIBILITY. If you vote, that is, if you support democracy, you must necessarily abide by all the results: that’s the game you’re playing. So even if you pick the other candidate, you’re still always picking democracy, making you culpable for the associated results.

      But let’s take all of that and call it some constant, VOTE. Now your VOTE is subsequently diffused among everyone else’s VOTEs, something on the order of 1 in tens of millions. As we’ve stated elsewhere, this is like being a single word in 200+ copies of War and Peace. Trust me, if you don’t say something, one of the other copies will. So all the time, money, effort, and responsibility which is quite large on your side, is actually minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

      So why put up the struggle?

      The cost of not voting…literally nothing.

      • Keeban3

        You’re already on campus, it just takes ten minutes.

        You’re already responsible, unless you think that democracy will somehow die of shame because it couldn’t get you to vote.

        It’s not a struggle, it literally takes less time than it took for you to write this.

        The cost of voting is ineptitude, incremental government increase, increased taxation and decreased freedom. (Unless of course you’d vote for those things in which case the cost would be an increase in freedom).

        • Fudgey

          If you honestly think that voting is going to save our country, then it goes to show that you can be easily brainwashed. People today are still blindly voting, and yet we still are experiencing government increase, increased taxation and decreased freedom.

          Both candidates and all politicians are the same. They don’t care about you. They’re both corrupt, and all they care about is taking your money, taking away your freedom, and increasing their power. If you go in to vote while knowing this, you have absolutely no right to complain because you knew these obvious facts, but went and voted anyway.

          This indoctrinating public schooling system has made this country dumb, gullible, and submissive to whatever the governemnt and media tells them.  

          Regardless of wether the whole country votes or doesn’t, we will become slaves. Have fun paying for their lifetime pensions once they get out of office, as well as your indoctrinating schools, gestapo police, dirty hospitals, and your anti-freedom laws. You lazy, fat and gullible suck-up.

    • kingh

      Same structure is in our country: Watch the Video-
      They just hid the legalese better in our country- and as they keep changing Blacks Law dictionary. Therefore the Legal language keeps changing to meet their needs not ours. Understand the the Law of the LAND is Common Law so why are our courts operating under Admiralty Law and the legalese of Contract. Time to wake UP! Do not consent!

  • slickback

    I would like to unregister to vote. I was force to sign up at my school, so if there is a faster and quicker way online I would like to know of this instead of writing a letter and sending it off somewhere.