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Must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque…
By: Barry Belmont

I believe in the last two days the world has been turned into something quite unlike itself. Sweden (that’s right Socialist, pinko Sweden) has refused to buy Saab, trade barriers are being tightened during these “hard” economic times, Paul Krugman said something with which I actually agree (that is, “cash for trash” is a terrible [...]

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Welcome to MurderPark
By: Barry Belmont

To be radical in any philosophy means to follow its premises to their logical conclusion. The precepts must be held to such an esteem as to be undeniable. Christian love, vegetarian empathy, and Marxist exploitation are such concepts. For Libertarians there are, at base, two: 1. The right of self-ownership 2. All interactions between people [...]

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