Students for Liberty

By: John Russell 

“The cause of liberty is often under appreciated on college campuses today. Those students who enter college with a belief in liberty often lose sight of that belief because of the overwhelming presence of alternative ideologies. Many students give up because they believe they are alone. When students with a common belief in liberty do manage to come together, they are left with few resources or networks of support to develop their organization. The problem is significant, but the solution is simple. There is a need for students from around the country to come together to meet others interested in liberty and learn how to promote liberty, taking that experience and knowledge back to each one’s college to challenge the mainstream today.”

The College Libertarians of UNR are committed to the cause of liberty, and attended this conference to learn how to further these ideals into the marketplace of ideas on our campus. We are extremely excited to begin applying what we have learned to our campus and community, for the fight for freedom is never-ending.
We would like to give special thanks to ASUN and Robert Burr for making this opportunity a reality.